Article submission guidelines

Any participant having presented either an oral presentation or a poster at the conference may submit an article.

Since the conference was reserved to research-students, articles may exclusively be written by research-students. This condition also concerns co-authors. Articles that do not comply with this restriction will not be reviewed. Any article displaying an assistant professor, professor or confirmed researcher in the list of authors will be rejected.


Make sure you thoroughly comply with the following instructions:

Articles that do not comply with the guidelines below will not be reviewed.
We do not accept .docx documents. If you use Word 2007 or later, please save your document in standard .doc format.


Make sure you thoroughly comply with the stylesheet below:

OpenOffice stylesheet
Word stylesheet
OpenOffice stylesheet
OpenOffice stylesheet
OpenOffice stylesheet
Download OpenOffice

The easiest way to use the stylesheet is to open it and to write your article in it. Please pay close attention so as to avoid any modification or loss of the original predefined style.

The bibliography section should be compatible with the one of your communication proposal (the "biblio" style should be applied to the bibliography section in order to make it stylesheet compliant and to save some space).

Do not add any empty paragraphs (¶) to make your document look better, even when paragraphs seem too close to each other.


Your article must reflect the content of your oral or poster presentation at the conference. It is highly advisable to take into consideration comments expressed by the audience or the reviewers.

Your article should by no means exceed eight pages (in accordance with our stylesheet formatting), including diagrams, figures, pictures, references.

Guidelines summary

Articles must follow the following instructions:

Number of pages

8 (including diagrams, pictures and references)


The purpose of the article is to develop the content of your oral or poster presentation. It must therefore directly concern what you presented at the conference.


The same as the one used for your presentation


Articles not complying with our stylesheet will be rejected

Who can submit?

Participants having presented an oral or poster presentation at the conference. The article must only be signed by research-students

Additional information
Number of articles to be published

about 70

Total of oral or poster presentations at the conference



The submissions must be anonymous; fill in the space reserved to the author informations with x.

Article submission

To submit your article, click on the link below. Make sure that the format of your file matches the format selected in the drop-down list

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You can edit your personal informations (your contact email for example), the keywords and the abstract for your article by clicking on the link below

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Submission deadline

Submissions are closed.

Papers acceptance notification

March 2014

Preliminary program

May 2014

Final articles submission deadline

Submissions are closed.

Final articles acceptance notification

End of October 2014.